Peter Lyons – ‘It Was’

It’s back. We’re of course talking about our Wired Sessions. Sorry for the wait, we’ve been busy keeping afloat in the depths of the sea that is new music. Soz lol. But it’s cool, you don’t hate us right? Lovely. Now that’s out the way, let’s get on with it. Our first session of 2014 comes in the shape of Peter Lyons. Recognise the name? You should. He’s a part of Peter & Kerry (it’s a little obvious) and was the mastermind behind the production of Khushi‘s latest EP ‘Phantoms‘. Busy guy. Now he’s out and about on his own, releasing music that will probably firstly dehydrate you and then drown you in your own tears, as Lyons manages to keep the emotions running high with his beautifully pain-stricken voice. Twist in a few agonising lyrics and well, we’re surprised we’re still alive. Peter kindly joined us at a dance studio in Winchmore Hill, bit of an odd choice, and gracefully tinkered away at a piano for original track ‘It Was‘. Just a heads up, you may need a glass of water, some tissues & someone to hold if possible. It’s about to get emotional up in here.

You can buy single ‘Touch Me’ right here. Get to it.

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