MMX – ‘Ten’

It’s not often we can’t find the words to describe somebody’s music. Sometimes we struggle, admittedly, but we mostly find a way. With MMX, however, only your own ears can understand quite what’s going on. There’s a feeling of euphoria, mixed with a feeling of loss and vulnerability. Ash, the lead singer, communicates a sense of self doubt when he sings, often standing in an introverted position and not wanting to project his stunning vocals as much as he should. This all adds to the appeal of the band, and is definitely something we all felt while filming this session with them. The whole room came to a stand still, all of us totally engaged with MMX as they stood, in all black, performing ‘Ten’ in our latest Wired Session.

Just before they were due to go on stage to support The 1975 at Shepherds Bush Empire, we invaded an unused kitchen on the top floor and filmed a session that is definitely one of our best yet. Stream it in all of its glory, below.

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