Sivu – ‘Family Tree’

Here is our Valentine’s Day gift to you, people of the interwebbing world. In the very first of our Wired Session series, the amazing Sivu joined us at an abandoned chapel in the lovely area that is Peckham to perform a couple of tracks. After practically freezing to death for an hour, we got our shots and ran into the nearest source of warmth. Enjoy the first track ‘Family Tree’ and keep your eyes peeled for the next Wired Session from Sivu.

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  1. Sivu, love the string arrangements on these sessions and In The Barn sessions what a wonderful talent, I could listen for hours and I suspect you are writing your own material in which case, the world is at your feet.

    This young man has a great future ahead I suspect and someone should be looking to sign him, but that someone must be able to leave the style alone. Sleep and Better Man Than He must both be on the first album and when is that due ?

  2. Jessica Redman says: Reply

    Hi Dominic!

    Glad you’re loving Sivu as much as we are. We’re not too sure on the album, but we know that an EP is due in the Summer which is gonna be amazing! Drop Sivu a line on twitter @sivusignals – he’s a lovely bloke who will make time to reply to you x

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