Rude – ‘Winter EP’

He’s the unknown moniker that’s been doing the rounds online, and now we have a full debut EP in our inbox. We’re referencing to Rude (and I swear to god if you started singing that shit awful track by Magic!, we’re gonna have problems). If you want the short review; this EP is what we imagine Prince listens to whilst he showers in Cristal, poured only by miaow miaow-fuelled supermodels wearing nothing but PETA friendly stilettos. Sounds like your thing right? It bloody should do.

Winter EP‘ ventures through a broken relationship, with skits referring to a train journey to Birmingham (being a Brummie myself, this made me smile) followed by some odd Jazz night (potentially at The Yard Bird). The collection is a lucky dip goodie bag, offering up dark electronic pop with R&B hooks alongside random jazz collections and train tracks. It sounds like it should be a mess, but it’s far from it. Each track is a specially crafted number, delivering a production so slick, it could make even this guy cower in fear of taking his title.

We have our speculations as to who Rude (ok, we know exactly who it is but shh), but right now, the mysterious identity plays perfectly into this sonic sphere.

Winter EP’ is out now via Love By Mistake.

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