Review: Sevdaliza’s Debut London Show at Birthdays

I remember like it was yesterday when I heard ‘That Other Girl’ get picked up by Rinse FM (London’s hub for the thriving urban music community, according to its site). That voice, that production. I fell instantly for Sevdaliza, like a fat kid staring out the McDonalds menus as they change from the breakfast to its day menu (happens at 10:30am, just in case you’ve never experienced it. It’s fucking magical. It’s not).  After spending a massive portion of this year listening to her debut EP ‘The Suspended Kid’, finally getting the chance to see the Dutch singer strut her shit in a crowded basement down Dalston was like Christmas Day, but without all the religious stuff.

I’d like to clarify here that usually I would waffle on about atmosphere, the smells and how much the people around me fucked me off by singing way out of tune and time, but I can’t remember any of that. Why? Because Sev (I call her that because we’re basically best mates. Or ‘Sevvy’) metaphorically and literally destroyed the place. Swaying her body through warped jazz samples, throwback 80s sounds and basslines heavy enough to make even the hardest of ‘dubsteppers’ turd everywhere, her vocal reigned supreme, pulling in anyone within hearing distance.

In all honesty, I think Sevvy’s appeal is the fact that she doesn’t fit a particular category dead on, but takes the essence of ‘underground’ genres. I’m talking a bit of trap, throw in some grime, whack on some dubstep and tie it all together with an R&B/Pop infused vocal.

Give it a few months and you’ll be hearing her being hailed as the Dutch FKA twigs. But before than Sevvy bbz, can you collab with Skepta? You would make our day.

Buy ‘The Suspended Kid‘ EP on iTunes.

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