Royce Wood Junior, Servant Jazz Quarters

He’s the name we’ve banded about here and there along with cliched sayings such as ‘one to watch’ etc etc. But on Monday night, we finally got to catch Royce Wood Junior IRL and he made us all light headed and giggly with cuts from his soon to be released debut album ‘The Ashen Tang’.

Intimate venues call for personality and he had shit tonnes of the stuff, beaming smiles and chilled comments from the off. Dressed like he’d just popped down the shops, Royce introduced his ‘Caucasian soul’ and promptly got into the swing of things. Tinkering with his keyboard with a slight shake to his hand, Royce’s self-proclaimed ‘saxophone’ vocal drifted through the audience. Honestly, I’ve never heard a vocal so slick yet so smooth in all my life. Bouncing from track to track as though he was in the studio, Royce made the Servant Jazz Quarters feel like his own living room.

Highlights had to be his live rendition of ‘Midnight’, which is on another level when he’s sat all of about 5 feet from you, and new ballad (we believe to be ‘Jodie’) highlighted his honey vocal perfectly.

Five tracks later, and we left feeling renewed and knowing that we’d see Royce around again soon. Royce dude, if next time you could play a little longer, that would be awesome. In fact, come and soundtrack our lives, you’d make our daily commute a lot more interesting.

Pre-order Royce Wood Junior ‘The Ashen Tang’ on iTunes



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