Review: JP Cooper at The Islington

After having his ‘When The Darkness Comes EP‘ on repeat to the point of delirium, it was only right we finally caught JP Cooper in a live setting. There were all sort of things to worry about on the night; will his voice be as beautiful IRL? Can we take good pictures from the back? Is the local McDonald’s open 24 hours? The great news for everybody involved is that the answer was a resounding YES; JP Cooper’s voice was spellbinding, our pictures were not just close ups of the back of people’s heads, and I had a Big Mac.

There was one surprise on the night. JP Cooper has the type of crowd interaction, the kind of magnetic onstage persona that many musicians take years of training to perfect. At times, the room would erupt into conversation (don’t you hate that?!) and JP would quietly tune his guitar and begin speaking again. As soon as he did; silence. It’s probably because they knew another vocal masterclass was on the way, to be delivered with a pool of emotion so deep, you start to see Michael Barrymore in all close proximity reflective objects. Closing my eyes I felt consumed by his natural born talent and his knack of songwriting that had a whole room on the verge of tears when he sang ‘We Were Raised Under Grey Skies’, a song about losing somebody you love. His music is heartrendingly honest, and that same feeling is palpable when he sings in the same room as you.

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