Kesha Finds the Light at the End of the Rainbow

It’s been a tumultuous time for Kesha for obvious reasons. But rather than dwell on the past and give up, the singer took her only European date of her Rainbow Tour in London as a chance to celebrate her legendary career, lyrical prowess and strength with her fans aka Animals.

Unlike many comeback tours, Kesha opted for the intimate Electric in Brixton, which holds just under 1,800 people. To say it was a scramble for tickets would be an understatement. Thanks to this limited crowd, only the truly committed fans were in attendance. Doused in glitter and rainbow flags, some waited from the early hours of the day just to get a glimpse of the star; and they definitely weren’t disappointed.

Right from the moment she arrived on stage in a dark velvet suit to the beat of ‘Woman’, it was clear the Kesha of previous years was gone and a rebirth of biblical proportions had taken over. Gone was the rowdy popstar of yesteryear and in her place, a woman who could finally allow her musical influences flow naturally out of her. It was clear that her love of country and rock influenced how she approached this gig, as she and her back up singers stuck their fingers up to the world in synchronized fashion while shouting “I’m a motherfucking woman”. While she seemed slicker in execution while still holding a rebellious style, one thing remained unchanged; her connection to the audience in front of her.

I’ll be honest, a lot of this gig was a blur for me for a number of reasons. It’s a Kesha gig so you have to get a little tipsy and, in all honesty, I was so busy screaming the lyrics and crying/laughing the entire time that I couldn’t focus completely. But that is the magic of any Kesha show.

A defining moment of the entire show had to be when she brought on her mum Pebe to sing ‘Godzilla’ – which the pair wrote together – alongside her. During the second verse, Kesha turned to her mum to cry, later mentioning that a sign in front stating ‘Kesha, you are our rainbow’ got her going.

From start to finish and every second in-between, Kesha was nothing short of incredible and bolshy, inspirational and empowering. This show not only rounded off the tour perfectly, but defined this era of her career in a way that we could only have dreamed of; in control but with that cheeky wink to everything that subverts the status quo.

Boogie Feet
Learn to Let Go
Take It Off
We R Who We R
Hunt You Down
Godzilla (w/Pebe Sebert)
Your Love Is My Drug

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