Josh Wheatley Performs ‘Shiver’ Acoustic

The Wired Sessions is back, and this time, our focus is on bringing you great new music in an intimate live setting.

Our launch couldn’t have started any better, as we got to see young Nottingham singer/songwriter Josh Wheatley perform his latest single ‘Shiver’.

In a quiet little alley in some far flung London town, Josh stripped things right down to an acoustic guitar and his silky smooth vocal.

Lyrically, Josh is introspective, singing about losing trust and the long for truth. Haven’t we all been there? His lyrics are indicative of his ability to connect on a relatable level, much like him as a person. His authenticity means you connect with what he’s singing and how he’s singing it, in a way that many musicians just can’t nail.

We absolutely recommend seeing Josh perform live. His personality will bring the show to life, even if the music is a little bit melancholy. Check out the live session below and keep an eye out for Josh’s cover session- you don’t want to miss it!

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