Josh Wheatley Covers Oh Wonder’s ‘Ultralife’

Josh Wheatley

Here at The Wired Sessions, we like to see musicians put a personal spin on another artist’s song. There’s something about seeing somebody stamp a tune with their own style, and Josh Wheatley certainly did the job with his cover of Oh Wonder’s ‘Ultralife’.

With just his vocal and a guitar, Josh pulled off a pretty awesome version of the track. Shot under a random brick tunnel somewhere in London, Josh’s silky smooth voice had us all singing his praises. Josh has such a wide range, dipping in and out of lower and higher tones, switching between power and gentle whispers; this guy can do it all.

Check out his awesome cover below, and make sure you watch him sing ‘Shiver’ in his other Wired Session. ‘Shiver’ is his latest single, and a sign of things to come. Lyrically, Josh writes way beyond his years and this track is an introspective masterclass. Enjoy!

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