House of Miagi Croons ‘Forming’ From Debut EP


House of Miagi’s debut EP, IMONITIE, taps into the emerging sound of UK afrobeats, and is something of a triumph for a first attempt at a release.

We found ourselves humming away to the rhythms for days following our live session with the London newcomer. Each track in the EP is a refreshing mix of tropical rhythms and those Drake-esque colloquialisms that become language staples overnight.

While the vocals aren’t exactly powerhouse, they are just enough to compliment the beats. The tracks don’t need anything else; the hooks ring in your ears with familiarity, though you’ve never heard the songs before. It’s this type of familiarity that resonates with the popular culture audience- easy listening, easy learning, easy dancing.

Ever wondered why a song will stay in your memory years after you last hear it? It’s all about cognitive processing (soz to get all technical); basically, our brains work in a way that perceives regularly in musical rhythms, even if we’ve never heard that song before. That’s why a pop song can resonate universally.

The human brain processes musical rhythm in largely the same way, worldwide. So, if it appeals to this part of our brain, we can’t help but sing along. Atleast we can all feel a bit better for vibing to Justin Bieber tunes now; WE JUST CAN’T HELP IT OK.

Anyway, point it, this EP is full of tracks that make your body move involuntarily. Just TRY not to sing along to this shit. In fairness, it does help that there are quite a few samples in there. Adina Howard and Craig David both make subtle appearances in parts, both of which tie in pretty well.

Plus, if you fancy listening to one of them all stripped down and acoustic, we have just the thing. House of Miagi popped by with his guitar and performed ‘Forming’ for our latest session. Check it out below.

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